The Non-Conformists (Coming Soon)


The story takes place in the late 60’s at the near peak of African nationalism in southern Africa. It was then that the British Crown reluctantly yielded to the masses demands for independence. The British relented and transition to independence followed rapidly with majority rule soon achieved, apart from Rhodesia and South Africa where the Whites steadfastly held onto power. In the earlier years, South Africa had anticipated this and cleverly severed its ties with the British Crown and the Commonwealth, finally becoming a republic ruled by the Afrikaner who introduced the infamous apartheid policy. The newly independent Rhodesia, the country not internationally recognized and under considerable pressure from Britain and the world, was subjected to an international embargo, yet the Rhodesian prime minister held steadfast, vowing that his country would not see majority rule in his lifetime.

Led by Britain the world introduced sanctions; Rhodesia was internationally ostracized with South Africa and Portugal her only friends. Forced to circumvent these austerity measures the country sought loyal and capable men, men like David Tusk, a banker and part-time South African Air Force officer.

These men devised ingenious plans to circumvent the international embargo in order to purchase essential goods, medicine, spare parts, weapons and anything else the Rhodesians did not have but needed. Crude oil was such a commodity.

Angered at the course of events, the Rhodesian Black national movements immediately began to employ terror tactics to drive the Whites from their land.

Accompanied by a beautiful ex-Stasi undercover operative, David Tusk clandestinely enters Britain to acquire spares for Rhodesia’s jetfighters. From there, it is on to France to buy helicopters. They are pursued by British MI6 agents through mountains of Lebanon and forced to participate in a sea battle between a Lebanese fishing boat and the British agents in the Levant Sea. They undertake illicit cargo flights from France via the Comoros in the Indian Ocean, but with Rhodesia as the final destination, they play a game of hide-and-seek with the British Navy in the Mozambique Channel just off the Portuguese colonial port of Beira.

Tusk and his accomplice, the ex-Stasi agent who owns a farm in the heartland of Rhodesia, come under attack by terrorists, where they are forced to fight to retain her property and their lives.

She harbors a deep hatred towards the Blacks, a trait that Tusk is unable to accept, and sees as an insuperable obstacle to a lasting relationship. Will this keep them apart and doom their relationship to failure?