The Blockade Runners (2018)

It’s Rhodesia vs. Her Majesty as kith and kin play a high stakes game of cat and mouse in a blood-soaked, winner-take-all struggle from London to Harare and points in between during the Swinging Sixties.


It is 1965. Ian Smith unilaterally declares Rhodesia independent under white minority rule. The UN declares an embargo, bestowing Her Majesty’s government whatever means of enforcement necessary. With no country recognising Rhodesia, they are desperate for trade.

David Tusk, a former Air Force pilot and now a successful accountant at the only non-British- controlled bank in South Africa, is ‘asked’ by his superiors to help break the embargo. He pairs with the stunning Gisela Mentz, an East German-born Rhodesian, who is also ex-Stasi.

From London to Amsterdam to Paris, Frankfurt, Beirut, and the Seychelles, bloody hand-to-hand combat, car chases, bombings, and sea battles ensue as MI6 stops at nothing to prevent David and Gisela from smuggling oil, munitions, spare parts, medicine, and whatever the fledgling republic needs to soldier on.

Meanwhile, a rebellion of the Communist-backed majority is waging guerrilla warfare on white farmers. Despite their mission being over, David and Gisela must once again fight for their lives.

Will HM government be successful in their campaign to destroy an independent Rhodesia? Will the ZANU rebellion exact revenge on the white minority? Will David fall in love despite the hatred in Gisela’s heart?

Peter Vollmer’s latest novel is an exciting and breathtaking journey through the demimonde of arms dealers and smugglers during a time and place left to history.

Publisher: Endeavour Media
Publication Date: August 17, 2018
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‘Vollmer is just as good as Geoffrey Jenkins when it comes to well-drawn action scenes. He writes knowledgeably and evocatively about the South African landscape and topography, and he also knows his stuff when it comes to the original Ian Fleming and Jenkins DNA of his novels.’

— Professor Matthew Woodcock, Senior Lecturer, School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing, University of East Anglia

‘Vollmer has little time for poetic pleasantries, as his writing is tough and terse in a way that is reminiscent of Mickey Spillane, Ted Lewis, and other ‘hardboiled’ thriller writers.’

— Benjamin Welton, writer and lecturer, Boston University

‘Vollmer is able to vividly sketch terrains and characters he knows from first-hand experience and he’s no slouch pushing forward a dramatic and suspenseful story.’

— Dr. Wesley Britton, author of The Encyclopaedia of TV Spies