Praise for Peter’s Books

“Vollmer is just as good as Geoffrey Jenkins when it comes to well-drawn action scenes. He writes knowledgeably and evocatively about the South African landscape and topography, and he also knows his stuff when it comes to the original Ian Fleming and Jenkins DNA of his novels.

– Matthew Woodcock, Senior Lecturer, School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing, University of East Anglia

Vollmer has little time for poetic pleasantries, as his writing is tough and terse in a way that is reminiscent of Mickey Spillane, Ted Lewis, and other “hardboiled” thriller writers.”

– Benjamin Welton, Writer & Lecturer, Boston University

“Thrillers in lesser hands read like research reports. Vollmer knows the areas and locations of which he writes and this allows him to utilize those snippets and scratches to great effect.”

– David Baclaski, Editor, New York

Vollmer is able to vividly sketch terrains and characters he knows from first-hand experience and he’s no slouch pushing forward a dramatic and suspenseful story.”

– Dr. Wesley Britton, Author of The Encyclopedia of TV Spies