Per Fine Ounce (2014)


PER FINE OUNCE - coverCommander Geoffrey Peace, an ex-Submarine commander is seconded to MI6 and sent undercover to South Africa to check on an ultra-right wing Afrikaner group who are active in gold-mining and thought to have a gold bullion shipment en route to Britain.

This group have acquired nuclear weapons before those in the South African arsenal were dismantled. MI6 have reason to believe that these weapons have been secreted away in a mine in the desert.

From the Author

“I had access to excerpts to the original version of ‘Per Fine Ounce’ which were provided to us by David Jenkins, the son of Geoffrey Jenkins, with his consent to write another South Africa thriller using Commander Geoffrey Peace as the main character, and using the same title ‘Per Fine Ounce’. David kindly gave us permission to include previously unpublished extracts from the original Bond novel as a front piece for my novel. ”

Ian Fleming’s stories probably had a greater influence on me than those of Geoffrey Jenkins, although I’ve always considered Jenkins to be a unique storyteller. When writing ‘Per Fine Ounce’, I was trying to retain the suspense and emulate the cavalier nature of Fleming’s James Bond.”

Praise for Per Fine Ounce:

“Per Fine Ounce” is more than just a homage to Ian Fleming’s greatest creation. Sure, Commander Geoffrey Peace is Bond-esque. Both men know how to handle a weapon and both men know how to bed the most beautiful women. Both have a knack for finding trouble in exotic locations, while both do Queen and country proud with their willingness to kill in the line of duty. That said, Peace is far more sanguine, and the gore and sex of “Per Fine Ounce” makes Fleming’s thrillers look like Agatha Christie cake parties in the summer sun.”

– Benjamin Welton

“The book is an exciting page-turner, and gives us a flavour of what might have been had Geoffrey Jenkins’ novel been published.”

– Edward Biddulph –

“A book that should interest James Bond fans. Stripping away all the marketing hype, Peter Vollmer is the real find in the story, and he’s well worth  being added to your reading list.”

– Dr. Wesley Britton –

“It’s sexy and thrilling, which is something not even the more recent Bond continuation novels have been able to achieve. The action sequences in particular are expertly handled and the reader never feels lost in what is happening.”

– Artistic Licence Renewed, Literary 007 Online Magazine

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