Diamonds Are But Stone (2012)


Diamond3The novel is set in southern Africa (mainly South Africa and Angola) and the Cayman Islands in the early 1990s, at the time when South Africa was still ruled by the apartheid regime and when competing nationalist movements (including UNITA) were fighting for independence in Angola.

This is a pacy thriller involving gun-running and diamond smuggling set against the background of the disturbed political situation and the involvement of BOSS (the South African security service) and the CIA.

From the Author:

“I was in Namibia during the Angolan Bush War and did a great deal of flying in my own and other aircraft befriending many other pilots, some of whom who were involved in clandestine flight operations to South-eastern Angola supplying war material to Unita. The rebel group was led by Savimbi, which was at war with the MPLA, who were Communist-backed, while Unita was backed by the South Africans and Ronald Reagan’s US government. Savimbi’s wealth originated from the north-east of the country, from the alluvial diamond mines.

Suffice it to say, diamonds were channelled to South Africa and Burkino Faso. This wealth was used to finance the war, with all who could get involved out to make a quick buck or more. At the time, the rape of Angola seemed to have no bounds. Although South Africa detested the Communists, the war presented an opportunity to many, some in the military, to do exceedingly well out of the spoils of war.”

Diamond4Praise for Diamonds Are But Stone:

“Vollmer’s forte is not exposition. A snippet here and a scratch there flings us from Africa to the Caribbean. When given a chance to breathe you may wish for a little travelogue or local color but you are never lost. He sneaks in enough history to remind us of the political climate and the Cold War proxy battles which ensued in Africa. His terse writing keeps the focus on the movement and machinations of Peter and his allies as they try to evade Trichard, now bent on revenge.”

– David Baclaski, Editor, New York

“Vollmer is able to vividly sketch terrains and characters he knows from first-hand experience and he’s no slouch pushing forward a dramatic and suspenseful story.”

– Dr. Wesley Britton

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