About Peter

Peter 3Peter was born in Johannesburg, educated in Namibia and France and now resident in Johannesburg with his wife, 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

His father was born in South West Africa and educated in Germany and his mother was born in Germany where she met his father during his studies. They married and returned to Windhoek. After returning from a few years in Europe, he returned to South Africa and took up occupation with a South African Bank.

The initiative declaration of independence of Rhodesia by Prime Minister Ian Smith saw Peter’s involvement with breaking the embargo imposed by the United Nations on that country. He assisted with buying oil tankers on the high seas, supplying helicopters, strategic equipment, medical supplies and other essential goods to the Rhodesians, ensuring that payment for these supplies was made without the British becoming aware of it.

He then returned and settled in Namibia. While living in Namibia he travelled extensively, getting to know the country and its surrounds very well. During Namibia’s independence he returned to live in South Africa and settled in Cape Town.


His writing began during the Angolan bush war when he and his friends would fly far into the desert in the Kakaoveld on hunting trips. It was then the most incredibly beautiful country, mostly untouched by man.

Peter is fluent in German, English and Afrikaans and his other main interest in life is playing golf, an occupation that he takes very seriously!


One thought on “About Peter

  1. Hello Peter

    I am writing my book on the search for the Waratah, inspired by Geoffrey Jenkins. I have a chapter that needs to be checked for its factual content and have lost contact with David for a few years now. I would be more than willing to let both of you just read over chapter and advise of any corrections. Thank you. Emlyn Brown -Cape Town

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